Antonio-SorianoAt 39, Antonio has already acquired over 19 years of experience in gastronomy.

He started his profesional career in Buenos Aires where he studied at the “Escuela Superior de Hoteleria” and gained valuable work experience at upscale restaurants such as Dique 4 and Lola. He then moved to Paris, France in 2000, where he obtained the prestigious “Le Grand Diplome Le Cordon Bleu” at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. He continued his professional career in Paris where, during the next four years, he worked at legendary restaurants like Alain Senderens 3 michelin star “Lucas Carton”, “Les Ambassadeurs” ( 2 michelin star) at the mythic Hotel de Crillon, and the Georges V restaurant “Le Cinq” (3 michelin star).

Upon his return to Argentina in 2004, Antonio worked as a consultant for different projects, where his tasks included both starting new projects and remastering existing businesses. As Executive Chef at Prodeo Hotels from 2007 to 2009, he was in charge of creating the preopening scheme and concept.

In 2009 he was tapped as Executive Chef at the future Algodon Mansion Relais & Chateaux hotel, where he was the creative voice behind all the menus both at the bar and at the main restaurant. He was also in charge of team selection for the opening of the hotel. In 2010 Algodon Mansion opened its doors and Antonio became Executive Chef & Operations Director, supervising every detail of this luxury boutique hotel, where he created and managed a team of +50 persons. During his term, Algodon received several awards including “Best new Hotel”, “Best Restaurant in a Hotel”, and was also recognized as one of the best restaurants and experiences in Latin America. He personally managed the negotiations with Relais & Chateaux: Algodón Mansion became the first hotel in Buenos Aires to be part of the Brand. He also created the first Davidoff Lounge in America, and the only Veuve Cliquot Bar in Argentina. He mentored many of today´s top professionals in the industry worldwide including actual Executive Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Sommeliers, Restaurant and Bar Managers.

In 2013, Antonio opened his very own successfull restaurant in Buenos Aires, “Astor Manduque Porteño”, which has been praised by industry critics and customers, and has been selected by different media and in different opportunities as Best New Restaurant in 2013, and one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

As a founding member of ACELGA (Association of Cooks and Business(wo)men Related to Argentine Gastronomy) and GAJO (Young Argentine Gastronomy), he is one of the leaders of the revolutionary gastronomic scene in Argentina. Antonio is constantly in contact with fellow chefs from around the globe, and he is regularly invited to give lectures and to cook at festivals, seminars or restaurants both locally and worldwide.

Nowadays, besides Astor, Antonio owns and run a catering company “Soriano Catering”, and creates experiences for different fairs and events, as for example the “Equus” theatre play at El Galpon de Guevara.