Chef Kenetha Ashton

Chef Kenetha hailed from St. Vincent and the Grenadines; her beginning is one of humbleness, being raised by dual-parent [mother and father i.e.] who gave her an opportunity to prepare meals for her other siblings occasionally, e.g. stew chicken, fish broth, Sunday morning fresh baked bread with stew pig liver, coupled with the art of spices to marinate dishes were chores she enjoyed. Molded by a community that has embraced –discipline, politeness, love, generosity, faith, kindness and a deep sense of spirituality were adequate to develop her passion for culinary art in the future, which landed her a job as a chef at ‘Raffles Resort” in Canouan/St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
In 2008 she relocated to the British Virgin Islands [Tortola] worked with numerous charters companies, as a chef- one of which is “The Moorings charters company “and her current place of employment -“Voyage Charters”. Having charged with the responsibilities to prepare different culinary dishes for various clients traveled from Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean a job she enjoyed. Kenetha was enthusiastic about giving her much- loved and diverse clientele base a “new experience” after fourteen years. Thus the inspiration to enroll in “Chef Academy” in the United Kingdom where this institution offers courses and /or training at Michelin Star chef level. Kenetha enrolled in early 2019 over a six months period that covers theory in a classroom setting, fused with the practical aspects where she was [hands- on trained] at many “Michelin Star” restaurants in the United Kingdom.
Completion: Kenetha has now completed her Michelin Star training in Japanese, Italian, European and French cuisines, certified and obtained her Diploma in advance food science with such achievement and sharpen skills in the culinary art she is adequately equipped to further bring satisfaction to all her clients’ palates and for those first-timers who just like to experience novelty in culinary art.
Conclusion: Kenetha is currently employed as a chef at “Voyage Charters” in the British Virgin Islands, Tortola.