Chef Patrick Williams

Born November 12. 1976. in Jamaica. the homeland of the great Bob Marley. I attended the Eworton High School and graduating I moved on to the Run Away Bay Hospitality School of Food Academy where I studied basic food preparation. Soon. I developed a real passion for the “art of good food.” Later. I attended the New England Culinary Institute.

My inspirations often came from seeing nice fresh ingredients. I like to call my style of cooking “Caribbean Fusion”. Following graduation I have worked at numerous restaurants: Simply Delicious, Treasure Isle Hotel, Spaghetti Junction, Margarita Vile, Coyaba and Park Lane Hotel, London, just to name a few. I was also a member of the BVI2DDS Culinary Team.

My contributions to Pirates Bight Bar and Restaurant started on November 4. 2012. I took over as Executive Chef and with strong leadership. an understanding of the hospitality business with over 15 years of experience and along with good staffing support. I helped to increase the quality and appearance of the meals. This made Pirates Bight restaurant a more top notch and appealing experience to our customers.